Sunday, October 12, 2008

*BEHOLD* Contest -Fantasy Theme

i'm on a faery kick. i've been searching the grid (using the handy dandy Search tool) and have been discovering an entirely different mindspace. i had been thinking i'd make this month's photo contest theme an image of feminine gentility from this culture's time and place. living in a forest, cave, cottage, village, castle; a quieter time, a simpler life. perhaps a pixie sparkle catches your eye, an elfen princess encountered deep within the forest. perhaps a drow in the arch of a hand cut stone bridge. the magical kingdom is wide and vast.

where are all the faeries of the forest? where are their icons of fashion!?

i will, over the next days of the this month, till the 31st, be taking Notecards from contestants for the 1000L$ *BEHOLD* Outfit Photo Contest prize. same rules as the last one (see below). no relaxing of the extraordinarily grievous detailing dictates. we have to know who the top fantasy designers are. gimme gimme. (i may even post all the designers we find.)

the only artistic change for submissions is: snapshots can be any size (post processing definitely okay). IM me if you would like to arrange transferring a high rez file instead of the inworld snap.

- have fun.
- jazz yerself up in your best faery, elf, medieval, mythical, mystical gear
- take a snapshot
- put the snap onto a notecard you create named "BEHOLD Contest"
- detail your outfit*

*this is where you earn your Lindens. each item in the outfit should be itemized unless they are part of the boxed set. ie. skin, hair, shoes, etc.; hell, eyelashes if you want extra points. provide landmarks.

- drop your notecard onto my profile
- await patiently for the winner to be announced (i will contact you personally)


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