Thursday, June 5, 2008

Follow the Wind

the sun can't be stopped. its path through the elliptical orbit (at least as observed from here on mother Earth) is relentless. it shouldn't matter that my computer spits up motherboards, power sources, and hard drives on a regular basis. these are mere inconveniences. the fact that it brings me to my knees with the torrents of tears stemmed by a slight remembrance of dignity shouldn't matter. there's a new astro necklace i should enhance, embrace, and annihilate (oops). i mean entice out of the studio.

surmounting all these problems would be enough to kill any ordinary woman. attached as i am to the survival ego self you'll have to forgive me this bluster. once again, i have surpassed all expectations, there being none shouldn't concern anyone. i'm feeling happy. you can't imagine the sheer number of elements which unwravelled. who the hell's responsible? me? now just wait a minute. can't i blame someone for me? my mom's gonna hear about this!

no matter. the hospital bills have to be paid, the landlord's knocking at the door with his hand out, the pressure's debilitating. and still, a new design from that calm and detached selfless giving Core doth issueth thereby and thereforth verily.

you can pick up the newest sweet *BEHOLD* Gemini Necklace at the retail section of BEHOLD. enjoy the fruits of the ruinous random flurry of confusion. we can only hope i don't break anything else before the Earth is finally brought to her knees and we can all go home. aohm....


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