Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Giddy Girl

there's nothing like getting all dolled up to make me confront all of life's little problems in the right mindset. the sound and feel of all those layers of silky goodness makes me all giddy. the flexis flow deliciously and the lacey textures ooze femininity. i am in girly heaven.

Neferia's had this outfit on her walls for some time. she blogged it way back in october but i knew when i had the time and the inclination to have it, it'd be mine. i looked around the rest of the store, most pieces were in the low range of 100L so when i went to pick up "Lillian" i was surprised to see it priced at 350L. no matter, i've got plenty of pudding cups in the cupboards. the feel i was looking for didn't come from any other outfits i had. this was the one to transform the grumpy moi.

the glitch pants have the same lace trim as the skirt's flexis. they went past my knee showing past the skirt hem so i lost some detail raising them up. the skirt only needs the pants when you are walking or sitting anyway. i tried putting in an intelliskirt script but hey, i'm a girly girl now! no time for deciphering code.

i was able to put the skirt back right way up after my foolish attempts (all while a crowd of bikers stood around laughing at me) too. i may not have gotten the fit just right (i was going to write a teary eyed notecard to neferia) but i'm happy with it even if it just may be wrong way round. the extra large bow in back hides the worst of my adjustments.

i didn't have any shoes for the dear so i went to Adam & Eve's since Arabeth had recently told us about some of Damen Gorilla's insanely priced ankle skulpties. i tried on a few demos (thank god for demos) and chose his pink boogaloo sandals (175L) to complete the confidence in my self this dress exudes. go get yourself one at Neferia's Ivalde store. you will be amazed.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Revolution Begins

Nephilaine Protagonist has released a dress (Innocent dans Amour) that comes with her shape, skin, and hair (along with the kitchen sink, ao, facelight, and hud hair tinter). this is the first time that i'm aware of for a top designer to attempt this manner of addressing the multitude of shapes they must fit their clothing on. having the control of their art's presentation using this method seems to be the next logical conclusion in the evolutionary progress in making beauty a non-technical skill.

i wrote about this bold step into the freedom from geek-only dressing here. sure, i've got the stuff to contort prims and tweak my shape to fit any design. there are an increasing number of newbies who i'd rather not have to chase away from enjoying the game because they find this process too onerous. having the shape, skin, and hair inluded in the purchase prevents the newbies from stumbling over the hurdles the present system puts in their way. let's admit it, it's no fun for the lesser zealots.

not only do you no longer have to spend all your friggin' time fixing everything to fit your shape (or adjusting your shape to fit the garment) you get a respected oldbie designer's eye on the most suitable shape, skin, and hair. if you can't trust your designer/stylist, who can you trust? as much as you believe you are an expert who wants to do the work the system should have enabled from the get go, let's face it, it's a bloody waste of time. the system's shape has remained the same since launch. no one in the lab could have envisioned the detailed finessing our designers have brought to the world. we need a change of our polygon frames to further enhance the experience. can you adapt?

Nephilaine is not only serving her self by presenting her hard work through this marketing method, she is providing this entirely too complex world with the tools to beautify (and not turn away in frustration) all the people who deserve to be dressed by an inworld stylist. i am seeing an increasing number of newbies who have educated themselves in regards to applying the right skin, the right shape, and the right clothes to their avi. while i may feel somewhat diminished because i have not chosen to go this route (i'd rather tinker with newbie_templates) i'm not antagonistic to their desires. if a part of me would decry their right of passage should be fraught with the same barbed wire and mine fields of fitting and failing to wrap skins to shapes, clothes to shapes, prims to shapes; god forgive me. sure, i'll go out of business, but there's gonna be plenty of happy women out there who would have just as soon given up. and, to keep them in the game i'm all for making their lot easier.

i'm in the game for the long haul. i can and will adjust to any and all changes the lab and we residents choose to bring. if this step of honouring our newbies with the whole beautiful package is widely adopted, all the better. anyone feeling that they must guard their ability to form and dress themselves so zealously as to prevent their knowledge from leaving their head is not open to sharing any other facet of themselves.

get out there in the trenches girls. instead of laughing at the Ruths maybe we could give them a boost. there's far more women who would love to play in this game. given half a chance, a little friendly advice, and some of your technical expertise, you could endear yourself to them for life. Nephilaine's enlightened approach should be lauded with some sort of award for the game's greater good. this game's not slowing down, the vision for millions of concurrent connections is in the cards. have faith. we'll get there.

each of Nephilaine's "Innocent dans Amour" skins has been given the makeup which enhances and compliments the colour of the dress it was specifically designed for. so with the purple dress your skin tone, eye shadow, nails, lips; hell ... toes possibly, have a subtlety of vision that only Nephilaine could provide. and if you have any of her skins, you know just how good she is.

oh, and if that's not enough, the shape is mod/copy. did you get that? if you think Nephilaine's makeup suits your own uniquely configured, hard ridden and dragged home shape, try it on. if it doesn't suit your shape, copy as many of her shape's numbers to yours as you want. if you want your own skin and shape for the dress, go right ahead. the options are yours. you don't have to throw away all your geekdom. no one's putting a gun to your head. no one wants anyone to go home sad.

i hope this brings her lotsa love. or maybe the demons will be rustled from their slumber. whichever way it goes, this is a break through means to ensuring our world gets opened into the non-geek-freak status. go get em at PixelDolls' Port Seraphine. all inclusive, 400L. combine all the various pieces and you've got a real bargain. if this catches on, you can be sure they will most definitely go up in price. who knows, her idea might just be stolen, patented, and never seen again. god save us. all hail Nephilaine.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Lilyana Dryke's Hmmm

in between ruling what little slice of the world i have, encroaching as it does into the wild open spaces of the sl fashion world, there's cherished little time when a girl's able to combine her socializing with her business. in my case, while i put together Lilyana Dryke's latest outfit Caroline Apollo came by to see my newest Texture Organizer. well we get to chatting and i gets to thinking, wouldn't it be nice if i could combine some of her accessories with this new top? before you know it we're at her store at Lo Lo and she's picked out some of her items.

she chose her natural wooden bangle combined with her natural blue earring and necklace set to accentuate the revealing neckline and to compliment the stunning print texture.

aside from Caroline's penchant for slapping me upside the head for my greedy nature we remain friends. she slaved the whole day over her newest release (get onto her group for up to date notices and freebies) and while it didn't quite go with this blog, i may have to devote more of my precious little time to covering it later. seems the Metaverse Messenger is going to be poking around her island for a future writeup too. keep an eye out for it.

this time round Lilyana's upturned collar prim has no alpha channel so any chance of the system bug raising its ugly head has been avoided. the outfit comes with a flexi skirt (with glitch pants), two pairs of pants (one with belt one without), two tops (underwear and shirt layer), a wide belt (jacket and shirt layer), and a shirt bottom (skirt layer). i would have liked a notecard explaining the option choices but when i finally got it all figured out i forgave her. i'm busy, i don't like options, sue me.

the pants' drawing and shading is ideal, as with all Lilyana's texturing. check out the creases! i would have appreciated their being modifiable, the flare is a bit much for my tastes but i can understand having her name on my frankensteined version might be upsetting should word get back to her. the belted version (not shown here) was a wee bit bright for me and i wanted to show off the big button closure.

as i see more from Lilyana, i'm enjoying her obvious enjoyment with her art. you can too. get the whole package at her main store location on Sapphire and at my place too. Behold.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Megg Demina

who ever woulda thought that just because there were no suitably sexy skates inworld for her fashion sense that she'd go about making her own? well, Megg Demina of Chapeau tres Mignon is who. and if you take a close look at the shot above (click for larger image) you'll see her masterpieces before you.

yes, i said masterpieces. i don't normally heap that much enthusiastic praise upon very many items but these skates (and her accompanying earmuffs and holder case) are truly works of prim sculptural art (not of the scupltie kind). and we get to wear them?! indeed we do.

i'd heard of Megg's hats from the fashion blogs' reviews of her Chapeau tres Mignon shop. while i thought her designs were unusual (putting a lobster on a hat most definitely sets her apart from the ordinary crowd) i hardly ever put outfits together with hats. to doll myself up in the era when our grandma's actually did stroll the boulevards with just such apparel is not my cuppa. it is, however, just the kind of period piece that Scarlett Niven of Digital Image can pull together expertly.

when Megg dropped a review pack of her skates on me i could not believe my eyes. what was i missing out on? how come the drum beats had not lead me to inspect her store. girls, you absolutely must visit Chapeau tres Mignon. cycle through her holo vendors. if you don't buy up the whole inventory there's something seriously wrong with your accessory's budget. give her the love she deserves, this is a real talent.

i suggest that you run over to her shop on Dreamworld East island and scoop some up. not sure if they are on her OnRez page yet but seeing them in 3D is just so pleasant. if yer a canuck like me (we invented skating; whatever the dutch might say) the skating strides (Larry Manilow's animation included in the right boot) brings back tons of sensory delights.

winter is fast approaching and you just cannot be without a sexy pair of skates for those upcoming skating parties. i seriously would not take these skates off for the longest of time. i've got plenty of ice surface, so if you need to feel the nip in your face come on over. if you have any suggestions as to how we might build it out better let me know.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Animazoo's November Releases

poses and animations are an integral part of our virtual world here in second life. without their stimulating and evocative interaction we'd be as dynamic as some of the other virtual 3D worlds i've read about and whored myself over to when the lab was having some particularily rude difficulties wrangling the code.

well, that's no way to ruin your life. porting yourself into a world that has no visual means of expression outside of bobbing up and down is just so backwards. yes, our world is media rich to the extreme. the tools to create our own custom built animations and poses are available to all of us. if you can imagine it, you can make it.

residents choosing to devote their time and energies on these tools to morph our bodies into positions step by step into seemingly natural stances, positions, and motions do our world good. what's even better, by far, is when you have someone from a motion capture studio bring their considerable talent, experience, and resources to the world.

as you may have read previously on my Women of Second Life's blog; Animazoo, a Brighton, UK business toiling in the brutally competitive commercial world of motion capture animation (mocap) are actively taking strides to bring our little world a taste of what is to come.

i can only guess from reading their site, chatting with Dave Bellman (their lead animator/programmer), and searching on the web that Animazoo has some massive gifts instore for us. my interaction with Dave intimates that there is far more going on than what he can presently reveal. i would suggest we keep an ear to the ground for further revelations which may just rock our "little" world. can you imagine having your own mocap suit? just saying....

ya see, Animazoo isn't coming into the world like these big corporate hype and jive marketeers. they're a small group of clever geeks toiling away at their work stations & studios, quietly rolling out the means and methods with which we can revolutionize our game. choosing to share their largess with the community they live, create, and play in brings a tear to me eye it does. god bless each and every one of their pointed little heads.

as it is, i'm pleased to have a few of the residents on Dave's Brightown sim as my friends. it's especially nice to receive review copies for Animazoo's most recent releases. when Dave dropped them on me, i immediately thought to put together an inworld video capturing all the nuances his dance animations are famous for. unfortunately, JellyBean Madison beat me to it. when i have mine perfected (blends, titles, sound) i'll post it. in the mean time check JellyBean's YouTube vid. WARNING: turn off your sound!!! sorry Jelly, that is just so wrong.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Devine Prim Collar on Retro Shirt

i start the day with nothing to wear. i end the day bathed in sweat, but that's another matter totally unrelated to choosing my outfit (sometimes). in between, depending on just what it is i'm doing, i have to get out of my comfy jeans and make the scene. where am i going? what to wear? what's everyone else gonna wear?

on occasion, when i get something dropped on me that screams to never take it off, i can define my day around it. this outfit of Lilyana Dryke's suggests busy executive comfort. click on the above image to see a higher detailed shot.

the funky print and high sheen of the top smacks of silk. they were playing around with a lot of manufactured fabrics back in the 60's era she's emulating so it might have been rayon. nonetheless, the silky look is highlighted as only Lilyana's artistic imagination can develop her textures. attention to detail seems a natural for her.

and, to top it off, no more painted on system collar! this top comes with a gorgeous and ingenious upturned prim collar. it's such a delight to have such innovation from such a youngun. i'm not sure i've seen anyone else doing this. run right out to the patent office girl. i think this collar is going to be a big hit.

not only does Lilyana highlight her prints just right her pants (giving you an immediate light-brushed velour feel) have pockets, belts, and buttons perfectly aligned to your shape and movement. they look good at all angles.

this set (sold in three colours) is a power woman's dream. wear this when you are chairing that important meeting or expensing that power lunch. this understated outfit exudes a casual busyness. confident assurance without overbearing dominance.

one thing i was unhappy with was that the collar has an alpha component in its texture. the lab has developed a bug in the way their viewer handles prims with alphas in their textures. objects which are actually farther away will appear as if they were in front of closer ones. go figure. we could always complain.

Lilyana's Main Store

Thursday, November 1, 2007

At Your Disposal

i do so hope that you're all coming down gently from the merry-making of halloween. i am feeling guilt ridden and remorseful for all the despicable and debasing debauchery i threw my avi into. but of course, i don't usually need a cultural event for this particular brand of activity. it is second life after all. and what day Don't we dress up and act the fool? the revelry and partying never stops in second life. it's halloween 365 days round the clock! join Rudie Rickenbacker's "Fac 51 - The Hacienda" group and experience it for yourself.

unfortunately, i also choose to devote some of my precious party time to write up these blog reports. :( today, due to my over indulgence in the good things in life, i'm feeling rather subdued. maybe i should just stay in bed.

hey, before i pass out again, can anyone tell me what you have to do to get a photo to show up in the feed? looks like most blogs have very attractive shots, i get the first paragraph. i'd like my shots to show up too, i spend a lot of time composing them. what do i have to do for mine to appear?

Hecate Cortes - bed
Ferran Brodsky - sleep pose
Podcast Island

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