Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Megg Demina

who ever woulda thought that just because there were no suitably sexy skates inworld for her fashion sense that she'd go about making her own? well, Megg Demina of Chapeau tres Mignon is who. and if you take a close look at the shot above (click for larger image) you'll see her masterpieces before you.

yes, i said masterpieces. i don't normally heap that much enthusiastic praise upon very many items but these skates (and her accompanying earmuffs and holder case) are truly works of prim sculptural art (not of the scupltie kind). and we get to wear them?! indeed we do.

i'd heard of Megg's hats from the fashion blogs' reviews of her Chapeau tres Mignon shop. while i thought her designs were unusual (putting a lobster on a hat most definitely sets her apart from the ordinary crowd) i hardly ever put outfits together with hats. to doll myself up in the era when our grandma's actually did stroll the boulevards with just such apparel is not my cuppa. it is, however, just the kind of period piece that Scarlett Niven of Digital Image can pull together expertly.

when Megg dropped a review pack of her skates on me i could not believe my eyes. what was i missing out on? how come the drum beats had not lead me to inspect her store. girls, you absolutely must visit Chapeau tres Mignon. cycle through her holo vendors. if you don't buy up the whole inventory there's something seriously wrong with your accessory's budget. give her the love she deserves, this is a real talent.

i suggest that you run over to her shop on Dreamworld East island and scoop some up. not sure if they are on her OnRez page yet but seeing them in 3D is just so pleasant. if yer a canuck like me (we invented skating; whatever the dutch might say) the skating strides (Larry Manilow's animation included in the right boot) brings back tons of sensory delights.

winter is fast approaching and you just cannot be without a sexy pair of skates for those upcoming skating parties. i seriously would not take these skates off for the longest of time. i've got plenty of ice surface, so if you need to feel the nip in your face come on over. if you have any suggestions as to how we might build it out better let me know.


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