Friday, November 16, 2007

Lilyana Dryke's Hmmm

in between ruling what little slice of the world i have, encroaching as it does into the wild open spaces of the sl fashion world, there's cherished little time when a girl's able to combine her socializing with her business. in my case, while i put together Lilyana Dryke's latest outfit Caroline Apollo came by to see my newest Texture Organizer. well we get to chatting and i gets to thinking, wouldn't it be nice if i could combine some of her accessories with this new top? before you know it we're at her store at Lo Lo and she's picked out some of her items.

she chose her natural wooden bangle combined with her natural blue earring and necklace set to accentuate the revealing neckline and to compliment the stunning print texture.

aside from Caroline's penchant for slapping me upside the head for my greedy nature we remain friends. she slaved the whole day over her newest release (get onto her group for up to date notices and freebies) and while it didn't quite go with this blog, i may have to devote more of my precious little time to covering it later. seems the Metaverse Messenger is going to be poking around her island for a future writeup too. keep an eye out for it.

this time round Lilyana's upturned collar prim has no alpha channel so any chance of the system bug raising its ugly head has been avoided. the outfit comes with a flexi skirt (with glitch pants), two pairs of pants (one with belt one without), two tops (underwear and shirt layer), a wide belt (jacket and shirt layer), and a shirt bottom (skirt layer). i would have liked a notecard explaining the option choices but when i finally got it all figured out i forgave her. i'm busy, i don't like options, sue me.

the pants' drawing and shading is ideal, as with all Lilyana's texturing. check out the creases! i would have appreciated their being modifiable, the flare is a bit much for my tastes but i can understand having her name on my frankensteined version might be upsetting should word get back to her. the belted version (not shown here) was a wee bit bright for me and i wanted to show off the big button closure.

as i see more from Lilyana, i'm enjoying her obvious enjoyment with her art. you can too. get the whole package at her main store location on Sapphire and at my place too. Behold.


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