Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Devine Prim Collar on Retro Shirt

i start the day with nothing to wear. i end the day bathed in sweat, but that's another matter totally unrelated to choosing my outfit (sometimes). in between, depending on just what it is i'm doing, i have to get out of my comfy jeans and make the scene. where am i going? what to wear? what's everyone else gonna wear?

on occasion, when i get something dropped on me that screams to never take it off, i can define my day around it. this outfit of Lilyana Dryke's suggests busy executive comfort. click on the above image to see a higher detailed shot.

the funky print and high sheen of the top smacks of silk. they were playing around with a lot of manufactured fabrics back in the 60's era she's emulating so it might have been rayon. nonetheless, the silky look is highlighted as only Lilyana's artistic imagination can develop her textures. attention to detail seems a natural for her.

and, to top it off, no more painted on system collar! this top comes with a gorgeous and ingenious upturned prim collar. it's such a delight to have such innovation from such a youngun. i'm not sure i've seen anyone else doing this. run right out to the patent office girl. i think this collar is going to be a big hit.

not only does Lilyana highlight her prints just right her pants (giving you an immediate light-brushed velour feel) have pockets, belts, and buttons perfectly aligned to your shape and movement. they look good at all angles.

this set (sold in three colours) is a power woman's dream. wear this when you are chairing that important meeting or expensing that power lunch. this understated outfit exudes a casual busyness. confident assurance without overbearing dominance.

one thing i was unhappy with was that the collar has an alpha component in its texture. the lab has developed a bug in the way their viewer handles prims with alphas in their textures. objects which are actually farther away will appear as if they were in front of closer ones. go figure. we could always complain.

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